What is the AdvoCare ONE/80TM Transformation Competition?

The AdvoCare ONE/80 Transformation Competition is an 80-Day competition focused on both body and healthy lifestyle transformation utilizing the AdvoCare ONE/80 3-part system and incorporating good nutrition and physical activity. Each competitor will be judged on both their “before” and “after” photos as well as an essay and other submitted information describing their transformation journey. Winners will be selected based on skill, effort, and success in achieving a healthy body and lifestyle transformation.

How do I register for the competition?
  • Purchase the AdvoCare ONE/80TM 24-Day JumpstartTM (or the complete system) between 12/26/17 and 1/16/18 on advocare.com

  • Go to www.advocareone80.com to register and upload 4 “before” photos no later than 1/16/18

  • You must register separately through this registration process – purchase of products does not automatically qualify you to participate

Who is eligible to participate in the Competition?

The competition is open to legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C., 18 years of age or older, excluding where the Competition is prohibited. Employees of AdvoCare and members of their immediate families are not eligible to participate or win. See Official Rules for complete details.

What is required to successfully complete the AdvoCare ONE/80 Transformation Competition?
  • Purchase and use AdvoCare ONE/80 3-part system between 12/26/17 – 4/3/18 (purchase of 24-Day JumpstartTM by 1/16/18)

  • Complete initial competition registration, including 4 “Before” Photos by 1/16/18

  • Complete entire Competition entry process, including 4 “After” Photos and one essay up to 3,000 characters describing your transformation journey by 4/3/18. See Official Rules for complete details.

Is there a certain product purchase requirement for the Competition?

Yes. A minimum purchase of the AdvoCare ONE/80 24-Day Jumpstart must be purchased by 1/16/18 to register for the competition. Must purchase and use the complete AdvoCare ONE/80 system (24-Day Jumpstart (by 1/16/18), 28-Day OptimizeTM and 28-Day LifestyleTM (between 12/26/17 and 4/3/18).

It is recommended that the competition participant purchase the AdvoCare ONE/80 system on advocare.com through their personal AdvoCare account (Distributor, Preferred Customer, Registered Retail Customer).

What if I don’t have an AdvoCare account?

We would encourage you to purchase through your Distributor on advocare.com so that AdvoCare can easily credit your Transformation Competition entry with your purchases. If you have purchased AdvoCare products in the past through a Distributor, you can reach out to them and learn how to sign up for an AdvoCare account. Or, if you aren’t already connected to an AdvoCare Independent Distributor, go to advocare.com, click on “Get Started” in the top left-hand corner and follow the instructions to create a Registered Retail Customer, Preferred Customer, or Distributor account. You are still eligible to enter the competition if you purchase the AdvoCare ONE/80 3- part system through an AdvoCare Independent Distributor and receive an official AdvoCare receipt with proof of your purchase(s). AdvoCare will require evidence of proof of purchase.

When does the AdvoCare ONE/80 Transformation Competition start and end?

The competition begins on 12/26/17 and ends on 4/3/18

  • 12/26/17 – 1/16/18: Must register for the competition no later than 1/16/18

  • 3/21/18 – 4/3/18: Must complete the entire Competition process no later than 4/3/18. See Official Rules for complete details.

What are the steps and requirements to compete in the AdvoCare ONE/80 Transformation Competition:
  • 12/26/17 – 1/16/18:

    • Purchase the AdvoCare ONE/80 24-Day Jumpstart

    • Register at www.advocareone80.com and upload “before” photos, and other required fields

    • You must register separately through this registration process – purchase of products does not automatically qualify you to compete

  • 12/26/17 – 4/3/18:

    • Purchase and use the complete AdvoCare ONE/80 System which includes:

    • 24-Day Jumpstart (by 1/16/18)

    • 28-Day Optimize

    • 28-Day Lifestyle

(proof of purchase required)

  • 3/21/18 – 4/3/18:

  • Return to www.advocareone80.com and upload “after” photos, complete an essay describing your transformation, select preferred t-shirt size and other required fields

  • See Official Rules for complete details.

How many winners will be selected and what are the prizes?
  • Grand Prize: $25,000 Cash, 1-Year supply (12 canisters) of Spark and Feature in IMPACT magazine

  • 2nd Prize: $10,000 Cash, 6-Month supply (6 canisters) of Spark

  • 3rd Prize: $5,000 Cash, 3-Month (3 canisters) supply of Spark

  • All Eligible complete entries: FREE AdvoCare ONE/80 t-shirt

How do I get the FREE AdvoCare ONE/80 t-shirt?
  • You must complete your final competition entry by 4/3/18 and fulfill all of the competition requirements as stated in the rules to receive the t-shirt. See Official Rules for complete details.

  • Incomplete entries are not eligible.

  • For eligible complete entries, the AdvoCare ONE/80 t-shirt will be shipped to the address provided on the competition registration website.

  • Participants will receive their t-shirt in the weeks following the close of the competition entry period.

When are the winners notified?
  • Winners will be contacted on or before 4/26/18. You must reply within 24 hours or the alternate entry will be selected.

  • See Official Rules for details.

What if I have problems with the registration process?
  • Click on the “Technical Support” button at the bottom of the competition registration website – www.advocareone80.com.

  • The Technical Support and advocareone80.com not monitored or affiliated with AdvoCare Customer Service – all inquiries regarding the contest should be directed at Technical Support.

Who do I contact with additional questions?
  • Go to advocare.com and click on Customer Service at the bottom of the homepage.